Want to position yourself as someone who creates high value products and services for business? Create your account in the catalogue to help clients find You or Your agency and show the value working with you can bring. Show you’re a reliable partner who has experience and has been recommended by past clients.

Criteria for creating a profile in the catalogue

  • The business is resgistered in the Klaipėda region or the creative is based in the region
  • Business has been active for at least a year
  • Creatives/agencies represent these creative industries: Graphic design, Digital services, Advertising and communications, Interior design, Product, packaging and industrial design, Photography, Video and other media, architecture.
  • Products and services are created for business clients or institutions


  1. Register to the system by entering your business and contact details
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Complete your profile with the needed information and material

*The profile will only be made public on the website when all the required information and materials have been uploaded and its creation is approved by the system administrator. Updating information and materials will be possible by logging into the system.

Any questions? Contact us by email info@kuriameverslui.lt