Think back to the last time you needed to search for a reliable designer, photographer, advertising or digital service provider. Was it easy to find one? And after, having found one was it clear what you could and should expect from the service?

I’m LOOKING FOR a creative service provider

Klaipdėda’s creative business catalogue is here to help you find various local creative service providers and more closely examine the value creative services can bring to your business or institution. In the catalogue you will find various creative agencies and specialists offering creative services.

Here you will find services like graphic design, photography and video, communications, advertising, digital services, industrial and package desing, interior design and new media, architecture. These services are known to contribute to business competitiveness and success. Find the right specialists for the job today.

I'm a creative and want to join

If you are a creative based in the Klaipėda region offering services to business, you can register and create your profile in teh catalogue here.


VšĮ "KlaipėdaID"
Bangų g. 5A, LT-91250 Klaipėda
T: +370 615 55 452




Klaipėda's creative business catalogue was developed a part of the Create Lithuania project "Strengthening marketing of creative business in Klaipėda".
More about the project here.

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IMPORTANT: part of the content in this website is created by the creatives in the catalog for which they themselves are accountable for.